Microsoft's account has a total of 150 petabytes

25 Jun 2018 02:41

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As you may have heard, Microsoft has formally finished the exchange of all clients of its Hotmail email administration to the new site. This prompted the exchange of 150 petabytes of information from Hotmail to, which Microsoft said just took a month and a half to finish.

Yet, you can state to yourself: "How enormous is 150 petabytes of information?" Sure, you may imagine that having a 4 TB hard drive inside your PC fix is a considerable measure of capacity yet that is peanuts contrasted with the numbers that Microsoft needs to manage.

Luckily, Microsoft has made another infographic that gives us a thought of ‚Äčthe measure of information really contained in 150 petabytes. Under the most fundamental conditions, it is in particular; Really, that is a major information arrangement. As the data organizers appear, it will take a man 300,000 years to hear 150 petabytes of music on their media player.

On the off chance that you utilized to send 50 messages per day, for each 75 KB email you would put in 120 million years sending 150 petabytes of email. Around then, mankind would most likely go wiped out or advance into an alternate sort of life that made their physical bodies lively. Truly, we watch Star Trek.

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